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Elterwater Lake and Trees - Colour

This landscape photograph across Elterwater Lake in the Lake District utilises the long exposure technique to make for a dramatic skyline and a ghostly effect across the lake. Presented in a gorgeous subdued colour range.

Crummock Water Reflections - Colour

A glorious day made for stunning reflections in this landscape photograph taken across Crummock Water Lake in the Lake District, with just enough separation on the horizon between the mountains. This photograph looks stunning in colour.

Thirlmere Lake Waterfall - Black and White

This spectacular landscape photograph of the waterfall at Thirlmere Lake in the Lake District takes full advantage of the long exposure photographic technique making the water have a ghostly appearance. Presented in atmospheric black and white.

Wastwater Lake Rock Formation - Colour

One of my personal favourites, this landscape view across Wastwater Lake and its rock formations in the Lake District makes for a stunning full colour image. Wastwater Lake is absolutely picturesque.

Buttermere Lake Sunken Fence - Colour

A beautiful photographic landscape composition around Buttermere Lake in the Lake District, the colours enhanced by the long exposure technique help make this a very memorable image of the surroundings.

Grasmere Lake Log Reflections - Colour

Presented in stunning full colour, this gorgeous photographic landscape view across Grasmere Lake in the Lake District, the fallen log makes for a great composition looking out across the expanse.